What’s going on here?

Welcome to my blog page!

This page is a blog extension of my @hebdo_readings profile in Instagram. The blog has two purposes: 1) create a list of locations as another access point to both my IG account and my bookmap; and 2) preserve all the content in one space.

A few important points:

  1. This account features the locations where the stories are set. I’m not particularly interested in where the writer is from, his/her national, ethnic or identity background. If anything, I might choose to contrast his/her background with the location. The point is to highlight the geographical location of the story and hopefully liberate the notion of who has the right to say anything about a specific place.
  2. I’m very interested in featuring stories from the other. My account aims to highlight stories written by or about groups or individuals who for one reason or another willingly or not have been ostracized, discriminated against, left behind, silenced. This concept usually encompasses minorities as in ethnic, religious, linguistics, sexual, political or gender minorities. However I strive to include also dissenters, troublemakers and people with different points of view.

More on my Q & A!


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