A kitchen in the corner of the house by Ambai

Book set in Coimbatore, India. Reviewed on 2020/09: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFcGtb9Aeyp/

Halfway through the book, the amazing @end.notes asked me about this book and I said something along lines of how much of an ongoing story it is, instead of a collection of #shortstories . I stick to that assessment and will add a bit more. #akitcheninthecornerofthehouse by #ambai is a #collection of stories with more or less the same elements over and over again: food, nature, bodily experiences, #comingofage and #womenstories . Ambai has been praised as a #feminist writer, specially within the #indianliterature coming out of #tamilnadu. My main problem here was that despite some great few stories, at some point the same elements or plots start becoming repetitive. At the end, it’s easier for the reader to predict the plot and its climax. Is this what Ambai was aiming at? Is there a secret ingredient in the repetitive feeling in these stories? Is the telling of similar stories with minor differences the key to liberation and freedom? #recommended #coimbatore #archipelago #archipelagobooks #lakshmiholmström #tamilliterature #kerala #sensory

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