A painful season and a stubborn pain by Abeba Stefagiorgis

2294EAFD-AE8A-4094-8039-C5B856313184 (1)Book set in Asmara, Eritrea. Reviewed on 2019/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1yohFAAP1w/

My last mini review of #aug2019 ! Why do we read fiction particularly when talking about traumatic experiences? What is the purpose of seemingly false or invented stories in history or in bearing witness or preserving the memory? When you read books such as #apainfulseasonandastubbornhopeby #abebatesfagiorgis you know for a fact that the reality of the human experience or a human story can’t be reduced to non-fiction and documentaries and academic or scientific studies. Fiction has a way of expressing and capturing emotions, feelings, reflections. All of these also allow the readers to see themselves in the stories and empathize with a #mother fighting for her family and also fighting for the liberation of her people. #tesfagiorgis tells the story of the people of #eritrea fighting against a despotic and brutal Ethiopian military regime. All these events are happening through the account of a single narrator: a woman, a mother, a warrior. Although at times I felt the story called for the expert hand of a skilled editor. Overall It’s a powerful and engaging read. This book is a great testament that fiction plays a decisive impact when it comes to tell the story as it happens but also as a first step in the path to healing. When you see the deplorable state of human rights and nonexistent democracy in Eritrea today, you have to wonder when the new Abebas will come again… #recommended #asmara#eritrean #eritreanliterature#redseapress #testimony#personalaccount #independence#abeba #againstallodds #eritrea#whyfiction #readitall

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