A question of power by Bessie Head

0B58695C-3EFE-4289-932F-6A1D7114C56BBook set in Serowe, Botswana. Reviewed on 2020/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_q0zWSg7PC/

Wow wow! #bessiehead wow! Let me say it again: wow! I can’t get this book out of my head. So let’s see how this mini review goes. #aquestionofpower is not really a story as much as an accumulation of raw and unprocessed emotions. This book is the literary version of the Big Bang theory. #head condenses and merges everything into a singe thing: moment, event, person, and then it explodes into a fragmentary accumulation of voices until it retracts, converges and condenses to the same pressure point to begin all over again. I was reminded several times of #claricelispector , #margueriteduras and #dambudzomarechera . This book is a runaway and uncontrollable train, a #dynamite of unbridled feelings wanting to detonate at any time. I think there might be two ways of penetrating this book. You can either get to know a bit of Bessie Head beforehand. I think it might help to see some #autobiogrophical elements in #elizabeth representing some of Head’s own #existential pain and trauma living as a #biracial woman in the height of #apartheid and later on in #bostwana . Also this book might speak very directly to people who feel #bifurcated , #ostracized , reduced to less than nothing over and over again and how their own pieces battle within themselves endlessly. Either way you choose to approach this book, my advise to you is to consume with moderation and let the voices guide you. #highlyrecommended #heinemann #afs #africanwritersseries #visceral

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