A room of one’s own by Virginia Woolf

IMG_3774Set in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Reviewed on 2018/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm4a_66lnof/

The test of time can be brutal in a book or story. Even if the book offers a window into a particular period of time and place, there always seems to be a need for an annotated version, an introduction or a foreword. That is simply NOT the case with #aroomofonesown by #virginiawoolf . But why is that the case? This is what I can come up with after a few days marinating my thoughts. First and foremost there is a powerful and compelling message. It feels as if you are in the auditorium simply listening in awe to what #woolf has to say. Her message is succinct and direct : #women taking a place of their own and not having to apologize for it or even ask for it. I also think that her essay resonates to this day because the situation of #women in most parts of this world is tragically and hauntingly the same as it was in the 1920s when this book came out. It also begs the question what groups of women #virginiawoolf was referring to. I was pleasantly surprised to read her reference to #lesbians in this essay. But what about other groups of women even more discriminated against because of their other identities at the time of her essay: #blackwomen #asianwomen#indianwomen , women from the colonies, #caribbeanwomen #poorwomen#handicappedwomen for whom the idea of a room of their own sounds like a foreign language when they don’t even have food of their own, a body of their own, a life of their own. Should they not be invited as well to create? Overall one of the most ageless books I’ve read in a while and a #manifesto everyone should read. #oxbridge #feminist #harcourt #cambridge#herpower #houghtonmifflinharcourt

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