A visit to don Otavio by Sybille Bedford

98C2672A-AC8B-4562-9CA7-0A500ADE6541.JPGBook set in Chapala, Mexico. Reviewed on 2019/04: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv_2V4ynsem/

Among all the books I have read so far along the #pacificcoast of the Americas, this has been the only one where #humangeography and the geographic situation occupy a predominant place. Not really a surprise here considering the fact that #avisittodonotavio is a #travelogueand it reads almost like a #mexico for dummies kind of book. #bedfordtravels from New York to #mexicocitystopping along the way willingly or not and encountering every travail as well as kindness possible. She also describes short trips and stays in #guadalajara #puebla #oaxaca#mazatlán among others. Her observations are witty, direct and sharp. #sybillebedford speaks freely from her heart and the chapters describing her travels are full of both history and her own point of view. She does not aim to give you a neutral and academic view of the country and its history and people. Nope. Bedford’s text feels powerful, timeless and riveting because she is both brutally honest and erudite. She is the perfect long-journey travel companion. There is still a sort of second book when they stay with their friend #otavio in a lavishing #hacienda along the #lakechapalaand the characters they meet there. These chapters were also entertaining and more of a window into what wealthy Europeans thought of the world after WWII. Personally I couldn’t put it down and had to even reread some of her chapters on traveling within Mexico. I absolutely adored them and don’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a #travelwriting text. #highlyrecommended #chapala#jocotopec #lagodechapala

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