A world of strangers by Nadine Gordimer

Book set in Johannesburg, South Africa. Reviewed on 2021/04: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqGLl3rVrh/

I gotta admit, #aworldofstrangers by #nadinegordimer took me longer than I expected. Every time I was confident in the story and characters, somehow #gordimer would manage to slow me down and challenge me. Her unequivocal grasp on the story and their twists make of us all constant strangers. The characters are #strangers to one another and more importantly they are strangers to themselves. Perhaps Toby is the only self aware of it. Regardless, they don’t know each other. They don’t know themselves and they live in a system which allows them to remain in their unknown states of being. However, this is not an anxious existentialist ride. The characters revere their identity as strangers. Only Gordimer gives them the etiquette of strangers, and then turning the story onto us: the reader as the ultimate stranger. #highlyrecommended #johannesburg #southafricanliterature #penguinclassics #southafrica #nobelprizeliterature

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