All at sea by Julian Sayarer

IMG_7125.JPGSet in Surin, Thailand. Reviewed on 2018/12:

#juliansayarer whom I think it’s famous in some circles, has written here a #travelbook with some interesting twists on our discussions about the #environment and #savingtheplanet . The intriguing and thought-provoking arguments appear peppered throughout the story and almost haphazardly. If I so wished #sayarer would have concentrated solely or at least prominently on these twists. Albeit he does nothing of the sort. Instead he spends most of this book in what felt like endless and repetitive descriptions of the landscape of the #andamansea or the characters’ flashbacks. So fascinating turning points do abound in the story regarding who gets to tell the story, to what purpose, who can claim to know what’s best for the #moken islanders? Despite the characters’ altruistic and idealistic nature, they end up betraying their ideals and showing their true controls when confronted with the reality they so wished to ignore. That’s something I would have gladly read hundreds of pages about. Sadly it’s found here only serendipitously and diluted in some commercial #travelwriting . #surin #seagypsies #arcadiabooks #pirates #thailand #myanmar #india #seapeople #seanomads #wayoflife #merguiarchipelago #phuket

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