All dogs are blue by Rodrigo de Souza Leao

Book set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reviewed on 2020/11:

You will get a lot of #rambling from beginning to end in #alldogsareblue by #rodrigodesouzaleao . #andotherstories and #deborahlevy do set the stage and are very explicit and upfront about #desouza ‘s style, which I tend to love in other books. Despite some intricate and compelling lines at the beginning, I found most of the book to be an endless agglomeration of random lines. I hope the feeling is different when you read it in the original in Portuguese. I feel that the author’s reclusive life and tragic demise right after publishing this book has taken an allure on itself and has seduced people into seeing patterns or “keys” in this book. I also think the #experimental and #poetic style will appeal to people looking for different ways of writing literature. To some extent, this book makes me sad because it’s obvious that the writer was going through some torturous and painful moments without getting the mental health he needed. And now we have this book… How do we help people who are going through their own traumatic events and extreme pain or even ourselves and not wait until we get “something” out of them: book, paint, etc.? #RodrigodeSouzaLeão #Todososcachorrossãoazuis #rio #riodejaneiro #zoeperry #brazilianliterature #brazilliterature

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