Always anastacia by Anastacia Tomson

316BA42E-F332-435B-8121-FDD01D44399D.JPGBook set in Johannesburg, South Africa. Reviewed on 2019/05:

I couldn’t have asked for a better book to begin my #genderqueerlit project with. The perfect book at the perfect time. Reading #alwaysanastacia during the #passover week was also perfect. Passover is an invitation to look at our own pharaohs and plagues preventing us from being our full and beautiful selves, plagues which society throw at us and those we create for ourselves. #anastacia herself includes a Passover #seder chapter in her book. So I’m not making this up. This book just came at the perfect time… I want to mention a few things that stood up for me here. First the need to be an #activist . #anastaciatomsonmakes a conscientious and personal decision to speak up and use her story, medical knowledge and social space to raise awareness, draw attention and lift other people up. By being present, she becomes #inspiring and influential. She also gets very vocal about the need to understand that not one story fits it all. You can certainly learn and take solace in her story or not. At the end, it’s exactly that: her story as valid and powerful and important as yours and as other #transwomen ‘s and as other women’s and as anyone else’s. And I want to learn from that bit of wisdom while reading all these stories and books along these next two months. #tomson also has a way with words. Her limbo chapter still haunts me after reading it a few days ago. Her prose is #pristine, emotional and transcendental. Her transparent words walk you through the good, the bad and the in-betweens and the other beyonds. Do no hesitate, do yourself a favor and pick this one up! It’s a pressing, timeless and powerful read. I wish she would consider writing more stories even fiction ones.#highlyrecommended #johannesburg#southafricanliterature#transliterature #transwriters#transgenderstory #womenliterature#jonathanballpublishers

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