Amilcar Cabral by Peter Karibe Mendy

A8FA6697-E1A2-4FB3-832F-A7EC396C120BBook set in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. Reviewed on 2019/10:

In the rankings of the most brutal and dehumanizing of all the #european colonization projects, the #portuguese get a special medal. During the 1950s and 1960s when most African countries were gaining independence, the #estadonovo in #portugal decided instead to reinforce its fascist albeit shaky hold on its African colonies. #portuguesecolonization much like the #spanish and to some extent the #french ones wanted to impose its culture, language and Catholic religion upon these “uncivilized” people and make them into new Portuguese and Catholic men. Born in #guineabissau to #capeverdian parents, #amilcarcabral was in so many ways a #visionary concentrated on bringing people together. His personal upbringing and his schooling in #lisbon propelled him to the frontlines of #decolonization movements all across Africa and anti-fascist groups in Portugal. He was astute and a strong voice to the plight of all #lusophone Africa trying to escape the claws of a particularly vicious Portuguese regime. He didn’t live to see the fruits of his own sacrifices and struggles. However as #peterkaribemendy explained in this brief profile book, he certainly believed wholeheartedly in his vision and its long-term path. #recommended #bissau #bissauliterature #ohioshortstoriesofafrica #amílcarcabral

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