An underground life by Gad Beck

IMG_3463Set in Berlin, Germany. Reviewed on 2018/08:

When I was a kid, I never understood 1) why we had to go to #holocaust museums and 2) why there were so many of them almost anywhere in the world. It was always a challenge to go with my #jewish mother because it was awkward and uncomfortable and one of the rare instances when she would go quite for a long time. And if on top of that, they had an exhibit of #gay prisoners and their extermination in #concentrationcamps we would not say anything to each other for hours. Considering today’s empowerment and unashamed visibility of neo-nazis here in the States with a platform given by our president and the tacit complicity of the #israeli government with far right and openly anti-semitic governments throughout the world, these museums and centers and the stories they preserve are more important than ever and need to be told and heard over and over again. As a #gayjew myself, it’s not easy to read #shoah stories in general and those pertaining to #gays in concentration camps either Jewish or not are even more difficult to swallow. However I’m so glad I gave #anundergroundlife by #gadbeck a chance. Despite the horrific and earth shattering events around him, #beck is hopeful, active, relentless and sexually empowered. There is a source of strength and power that makes him remain #alive and even more importantly makes him want to dream. #memoirsofagayjewinnaziberlin also paints a vivid and clear picture on how regardless of their sense of security and assimilation, the nazi machine slowly but surely fed on everyone’s anger, hate and disdain to ultimately hunt them as well. There are so many lessons to learn from this chapter in our history. One I think is the most important is that the Holocaust did not happen overnight. A series of events and everyone’s inability and ignorance willingly or not made it all possible and once they realized anything it was all too late. Speak up and speak out even if the injustice that’s happening in your country or city does not affect you directly. Our individual and collective silences are complicit. #highlyrecommended #berlin #resistance#jewishresistance #gayjews#universityofwisconsinpress

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