Anthology of contemporary Kurdish poetry

C9257E84-9ED1-412C-AF70-4C5E674A03E8Book set in Savur, Kurdistan, Turkey. Reviewed on 2019/08:

When you were fire
You neither burnt me
nor warmed me up
When you were a river
you neither drowned me
nor rocked me in the lap of a wave of yours
Now you are a still whirlwind
blowing tens of times a day
neither resting by me for a while
nor taking me away with you for once.

What can I say? Sometimes no review is really necessary. I think that’s particularly true when it comes to #poetry . This #anthologyofcontemporarykurdishpoetry is both a beautiful gathering of feelings and a #politicalact . A lot of people like myself will probably arrive at this book because of the special opportunity to read about an area so heavily contested and mostly present in our news headlines for all the wrong reasons. #kurdistan takes full central stage in this #anthology as the soul and force behind these poets’ inspiration. They might hail from #turkey #iraq #syria or even the #kurdishdiaspora . But their words speak of only voice and it takes the reader into a land of #resistance, survival and perseverance. #recommended #kurdish#kurdishliterature #kurdishpoetry#yasharismail#kurdistansolidaritycommittee#haroldpinter #rafiqsabir#londonartsboard #kurd

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