Asexual inverts and sexual perverts by Seth Palmer

E90B10FF-AD46-4044-B7BF-BCFE81569D0AArticle set in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Reviewed on 2019/05:

Before I move on to the stories set in Asia, I want to share a great article I recently became aware of in the #transgenderstudiesquarterly. This article has a purposely controversial title because it aims to draw attention to the pejorative and simplistic view of #frenchcolonialdoctors and scientists when confronted with the #sarimbavy in #colonial #madagascar specifically with the #merina groups in the #antananarivo area. What I found most interesting here is how #sethpalmer draws attention to the pernicious way in which European colonial mindset defined, vilified and perpetuated words, definitions and views which we still use and replicate. This is something very important to me specially now when I’m about to feature stories which do not necessarily connect with our Western European/American narrative. Without complicating it all way too much, I just want to be able to read the text or story for what it means to its readers, context and then also myself. I will always give you my honest opinion. That’s for sure! Lastly I want to reiterate that my #genderqueerlitreading project is about #genderidentity and #genderexpression and NOT so much about sexual orientation. I’m purposely leaving out gay, lesbian and bi stories. These stories hopefully shed some light on #nonbinary #transgender#thirdsex #intersex #transvestite#crossdresser experiences. Sometimes I’m going to get it wrong for whatever reason. That’s why this is just an attempt and not an academic symposium. Again I will always give you an honest opinion regardless.

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