Bagdad. They found a cave by Nan Chauncy. 2019/03

Brisbane. Johnno by David Malouf. 2019/02

Launceston. Born into this by Adam Thompson. 2021/09

Melbourne. Monkey grip by Helen Garner. 2017/07

Melbourne. The trauma cleaner by Sarah Kranostein. 2019/06

Melbourne. Utopian man by Lisa Lang. 2019/03

Moore River. Terra Nullius by Claire Coleman. 2018/12

Perth. The golden age by Joan London. 2018/12

Sydney. Dodge rose by Jack Cox. 2017/12

Sydney. The harp in the south by Ruth Park. 2019/02

Sydney. They’re a weird mob by Nino Culotta. 2019/03

The Leap. A kindness cup by Thea Astley. 2019/02

Thursday Island. La chanson du papillon de Terri Janke. 2020/04

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