Away! Away! by Jana Benova

73BAE540-11B2-4550-A7F5-9C24631B6138Book set in Bratislava, Slovakia. Reviewed on 2020/05:

I personally think that #awayaway by #janabenova is significantly better than Flights by #tokarczuk . Very easy to see the similarities right away: #vignettes , #shortstories within other short stories, chaotic combination of genres. However, #benova succeeds in transcending the form to guides us all into the core message. In Away! Away!, you feel that #benova has an actual purpose hidden smartly in the seemingly disconnected pieces of the text. Regardless of whether or not readers agree with what that purpose is, the fact is that it is there, connecting as an underlying and unequivocal force all the stories and as a testament to Benova’s outstanding storytelling. In a lot of ways, Benova does seem to me as a great example of the rich Eastern and Central European literature obsessed with the suffering and absurdity of life as the resounding proof of the meaninglessness of our lives. #Highlyrecommended #bratislava#slovakliterature #janetlivingstone#twodollarradio#europeanunionprizeforliterature#runningaway #Slovak #janabeňová

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