Baby no-eyes by Patricia Grace

Book set in Wellington, New Zealand. Reviewed on 2020/11:

“There’s a way the older people have of telling a story, a way where the beginning is not the beginning, the end is not the end. It starts from a centre and moves away from there in such widening circles that you don’t know how you will finally arrive at the point of understanding, which becomes itself another core, a new centre.” I think this line describes this book perfectly. #patriciagrace intertwines multiple generations, eras and #traumas all tied together in a continuum of almost 300 pages. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a perfectly built story of how #trauma permeates future generations and their aspirations. Waking up every day as a #maori in #newzealand regardless of the year and somehow always have to start all over again. It’s a game lost before it even begins. #grace still provides a few vignettes of community healing and #maoriwomen breaking ground and planting seeds. #babynoeyes is probably a story above all about somehow planting seeds unknowingly and waiting to see the results a few generations from now. #highlyrecommended #nzliterature #wellington #auckland #talanoa #universityofhawaiipress #kiwiliterature #grief #familydrama #maorifamily

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