Badenheim 1939 by Aharon Appelfeld

IMG_4383Set in Baden, Austria. Reviewed on 2018/09:

I think one of the main differences between outstanding writers and the other writers is how they present multiple characters in one story. #appelfeldhas the audacity to not only bombard the reader with deliciously #extravagantcharacters, he also sets them free and the result is simply magnificent. The written text is so vivid and lucid that you are seeing, listening, touching all the characters whether they speak or not. You know where they are there in the plot at all times. They have transcended the text and have simply taken full possession of the story with all its unbridled and chaotic development. Appelfeld’s skillful writing style is the reason why you should read this book. From the beginning you know how the story is going to end and #aharonappelfeld knows that you know. Therefore he takes full advantage of your preconceived knowledge to offer you a window into a world of tragedy, #selfdenialand unrelenting absurdity with all its back and forth. #badenheim1939 is going to make you laugh, cry, feel guilty and ultimately hope the characters haven’t realized that you were there as an observant all along. #highlyrecommended#israeliliterature #holocaust #austrianjews#vienna #baden #wien #verbamundi#poland #satire #באדנהיים_עיר_נופש#אפלפלד #אהרןאפלפלד #sanitorium #shoah

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