Baghdad noir by Samuel Shimon

C62674F6-DBBF-4651-A757-BBC2C4548BA6Book set in Baghdad, Iraq. Reviewed on 2019/08:

Baghdad, #baghdad , Baghdad! It’s not difficult to become an aficionado of @akashicbooks ‘ #noirseries . I humbly believe that this #baghdadnoir is among the best, if the not #thebest I’ve read so far from the lot. Particularly the stories by #salarabdoh , #ahmedsaadawi , #salinasalihin and #hadiasaid resonated with me and I also believe encapsulate the main message here. All the stories in one way or another aim to answer one question: what else can I possibly endure either done to myself or to others? The Baghdad described in most pages here is the city invaded and occupied by the US forces. Yet the writers all wanted to allow their characters #baghdadi or not to self-reflect what the “new” circumstances meant to them and how it might connect to the city’s recent as well as older past. This #anthology is truly a conversation both among the stories but also the stories with their own pasts. In the face of complete defeat as well as relentless resilience, the city needs its stories to resist, overcome and survive. #highlyrecommended #akashicbooks#samuelshimon #noir #suspense#crimestories #shortstories#iraqiliterature #privatedetector #بغداد

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