Baho! de Roland Rugero

IMG_1064Set in Bujumbura, Burundi. Reviewed on 2018/05:

There is definitely a lot of #running in #baho! Running from murder, running from rape, running from lynching. But also running to conclusions, running to misunderstandings, running to perceptions. Despite the fast-paced and short length of this book, I have to say what I enjoyed the most was those moments when time seemed to go slower. #rugero is forcing us to pay attention to the dichotomy of believing you’re moving fast either forward or to a specific goal and how cyclical and even #backwards your movements actually are. Justice sometimes is the first casualty of all the running going around. Anger and rage regardless of how valid they are end up blinding people to one side and #justicecan’t possibly prosper in those circumstances. The #burundi in #bahoseems to be always on alert and ready for a confrontation 24/7. Despite the beautiful depictions of the surrounding landscape and nature, there is no end in sight to all the running and survival of the fittest or those who outsmart the system. Who will win at the end? #highlyrecommended#burundianliterature #rolandrugero#bujumbura #phonememedia #lynching#mute #miscommunication #burundian#twa #kirundi #laketanganyika #wartorn

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