Banished! by Han Dong

C4DE4D92-3DBF-4455-8338-14D10D8F287BBook set in Hongze, China. Reviewed on 2020/02:

It was difficult for me to read #banished by #handong and not to think about what is happening in #china right now. Much like a lot of the #chineseliterature I have had the pleasure to read so far, there is something very #stoic , resigned yet alive, almost cold throughout this story as well. The dramatic upheavals in the lives of the #taofamily contrast with the candor and naive #comingofage story of Young Tao. How much the parents hide the reality of their lives from their kid? How much the kid’s ignorance seems like a bubble of fresh air? How long before the young Tao notices what is really happening around him? How can he be aware of things he had never experienced? How can he understand a reality so different from his own? If you like books that pose a lot of questions and provide zero answers, then this the book for you. It’s a somber, long and cold book. The story mimics the stoic demeanor of the family which has allowed them to survive. Would we care to understand? #recommended#universityofhawaiipress #nanjing #南京市 #jiangsu #江苏省 #firstnovel #韩东 #扎根 #reeducation#culturalrevolution #penawardwinner#strikingroot

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