Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston

IMG_2643Set in Africatown, United States. Reviewed on 2018/07:

#yourstoryismystory is as much about letting the #other tell their own stories with their own words as it is about us in that same act of listening. Usually we tend to equate the act of listening the other as a passive and invisible role for the #listener subjugated to the active role of the speaker. #barracooninconspicuously shows why and how that it’s simple never the case. And I say #incospicuous because #zoranealehurstondoes appear in this #oneperson account and her seemingly indirect appearances are an integral part of the story. #nealehurstonprovides a space or a story representing a world apparently disappearing and rapidly changing. However when you know how much #structuralracism continues to permeate in this country, how much #hatecontinues to take hold on people’s mind, you can’t help to wonder how little things actually change. I’d argue that the mysterious and subtle voice of #Hurston in this book could still give us a ray of hope. What does it entail to allow the other tell her story? Do you have to convince them? Is #trust something irreparably broken or fixable and in which generation? #highlyrecommended #africatown#plateau #mobile #alabama#thestoryofthelastblackcargo#amistadbooks #slavery

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