Barren lives by Graciliano Ramos

8EA39E78-6C97-445B-95C3-E94D9D62892C.JPGBook set in Maceio, Brazil. Reviewed on 2019/11:

#gracilianoramoswanted to paint the lives of those left behind, alienated, ostracized, forgotten, and left to die. Much like the commotion it caused when published in the 1930s, I believe it still has the power to challenge those images of #brazil that sometimes prevail in literature or at least those I tend to read: urban areas, coastal cities and lush Amazon vegetation. #barrenlives describes a #brazilian#northeast which it’s impossibly dry, full of abject poverty, full of powerlessness and desolation. As much as you are confronted to their despair and precarious lives, #ramosalso coronates the story with romanticism and hints of hopes. #vidassecas is a cyclical novel: times of utter despair supersede moments of happiness, and then it begins all over again endlessly without a way out. The writing style with its meandering sentences and slightly repetitive descriptions aims to put the reader in that same cyclical state of mind. This is a seminal book in #brazilianliteraturewith particular resonance to a period of time and geographical identities. You need to take that into consideration when exploring this story. #recommended #vidassêcas#maceió #alagoas #brazilianweek#sertão #pernambuco#texaspanamericanseries#universityoftexaspress #cangaço#cangaceiro

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