Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell

IMG_1936Set in Belize City, Belize. Reviewed on 2018/07:

Why do you read? Primarily I #read because I suffer from insomnia and #reading helps me pass the hours doing something else instead of just staring at the ceiling. I read because books have always been there for me. no matter how down or lonely I feel. Somehow a line comes from nowhere and it washes my desperation and sadness away. That’s what I felt when I read this here: “Find a way to do what you can, even though things seem to be crashing all around you. Sometimes they are not breaking down at all, sometimes things are taking a different shape. Try to recognise the pattern even if it’s one you don’t like, then maybe you can do something about it.” And then suddenly the book is reading out loud to you. The book is talking to you. It knows you and it’s reaching out to you. The idea that #zeeedgell writing in the early 1980s a #comingofage story in #belize could move me so deeply is the essence of life and the importance of connecting through reading the ‘other’. #bekalamb is quite simply that specific moment when life becomes that demolishing and devastating #hurricanethat it has always been regardless of how old you are. We basically have only 8 to 10 stories to tell and then we just keep repeating them over and over again. So then what’s the point of all these books? The point of all these books is to remind us of how similar and alike we all are and how much #yourstoryismystory and vice versa. #highlyrecommended #belizecity#belmopan #edgell #heinemann#caribbeanwritersseries #belizeanliterature#creole #afrocaribbean #britishcolony#guatemala #fawcettsocietybookprize

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