Belladonna by Dasa Drndic

IMG_4442Set in Rovinj, Croatia. Reviewed on 2018/09:

A few posts back #Klímatold me that all we do is #garbage . And now comes #drndić to remind me that we are all #rats . I think that every time a politician or a government or a group in central, #easterneurope or the #balkansunabashedly and shamelessly proclaims its distaste for a specific group, democracy and the rule of law, we should send them a copy of #belladonna . I mean I would send them library cards too. But I think Belladonna and #andreasban would do the trick more directly. Put simply #dašadrndićwrote a manual on how the weight of so many historical tragedies and our responsibility on them can’t be ignored or denied. #memory then becomes a virus which if left unchecked literally eats you up and kills your body. There is not even a need for an #internationalcourt in #thehague , the more you deny or try to erase your own responsibility or the responsibility of those who claim(ed) to represent you, the more the germ of memory attacks your cells, your body and infects you. The lack or will to remember as a degenerative process or a corporeal #illness is an allegory which I do not remember reading before. On top of this genius strike, #drndic also embeds the story with #archival and #research material including pictures and lists of names. Do you think you suffer from a lack of memory or history every time you see yet another #demagogue politician in the streets of #zagreb #belgrade #budapest or #warsawwell here’s your medicine perfectly diagnosed for you! #highlyrecommended#newdirections #dasadrndic #sarajevo#rovinj #istria #croatianliterature

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