Bitter dawn by Irena Cristalis

58B4C912-CD08-4985-9E3B-F6E60335613FBook set in Dili, East Timor. Reviewed on 2020/06:

And I finish my #june2020 reads in my gare terminus: #dili #easttimor . In my search for any books by #timorese writers or set in #easttimor , I came across #bitterdawn by #irenacristalis . This book is published by one of my all time favorite #nonfiction and #political publishers, #zedbooks . Check them all out! In this particular book, #cristalis does a fantastic job at connecting the dots. As a librarian, I know right away whether someone has done or not their research homework. From the very first pages, Cristalis is indeed immersed in both her wealth of historical and political knowledge/research as well as her #firsthand experience as an #eyewitness . That is precisely the beauty and the core of this book. Cristalis makes a splendid case for explaining the connections in the struggle for #independence since the #portuguese colonial times to the brutal #indonesian repression. By focusing on both the #historicalaspects as well the current events, Cristalis offers the readers a window into beginning to understand the complexities of the conflict and the challenges the young country will inevitably face in the coming years. #highlyrecommended

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