Body 2 body by Jerome Kugan

4296FE79-36C2-43F7-A79E-D2C64394A670Book set in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Reviewed on 2019/06:

I’m so glad to have found and read this jewel of a book. #body2body is arguably the perfect example of what I look for in every #queeranthology or any anhology for that matter . #jeromekugan and #pangkheeteik achieved a perfect balance between compelling stories AND #representation of stories in this case featuring different examples of #sexualorientation #sexualidentity#sexualexpression and the entire beautiful diversity of #malaysia be it cultural, religious, racial, rural/urban, generational, etc. The only writer I was familiar with here was the one and only #shihlikow and now I’m in love with so many of the others. That’s what you want in an #anthology . The editor(s) should always strive to entice you somehow and then allow you to discover something new. Also you can’t read this book and ignore the fact that the situation of the #lgbtcommunity in #malaysia is abysmal and discrimination is pervasive and relentless. As it was reported in the media earlier this year, Malaysia’s Tourism Minister denied the existence of queer anything completely by saying “I don’t think we have anything like that in our country.” Darling, please!?!?! Buying, reading, sharing and supporting this book is something we can all do to resist state homophobia and overall willing stupidity. I can’t recommend this book enough and the stories it gifts us with. #highlyrecommended#malaysianliterature #malaysianqueer#queermalaysia #lgbtqimalaysia#lgbtmalaysia #genderqueerlit#kualalumpur #mataharibooks

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