Bom boy by Yewande Omotoso

IMG_4108Book set in Cape Town, South Africa. Reviewed on 2020/01:

First mini-review of the year and we begin in #capetown#southafrica with #bomboy by #yewandeomotoso . Main takeaway here? This read was a lot better than expected. There is a depth in the story, which #omotoso delves into at different intervals. The issues themselves are not anything you have not read somewhere else before: #comingofage #hiddenstories and #silences left unchecked for too long. These silences are and have been for a while affecting every single character in this story whether they are aware of it or not. The main problem here is the story’s structure. Omotoso locks the story in this web of #letters and confusing time frames which do a massive disservice to its potential. #episolary stories are powerful only when the letters allow the readers to elucidate the plot’s puzzle. In Bom Boy, the letters are one of the pieces dedicated to instead confuse or complicate a story which ultimately wanted to show its strength from the simplicity of the argument. Something in the cover was telling me that this book was not going to live up to its full potential. And that’s why I probably had it to relegated to #mytbrfor a while now. #southafricanliterature #curse#catalystpress #leke #yoruba #tsotso#nigeria #adoptiveparents

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