Bombay stories by Saadat Hasan Manto

IMG_7318Set in Mumbai, India. Reviewed on 2018/12:

Regardless of all the virulent arguments to the contrary, no one really belongs anywhere. And in our obsessions to define places, we have left out and ostracized groups and individuals which in my opinion so perfectly and contradictorily enough define these places from their own exclusion and from ‘outside’. Whatever is not defines whatever is supposed to be. This is the only way I can explain the existentialist brillance and #nonchalant transgressions of all the #bombaystories . Living all these years without knowing the work of #saadathasanmanto is obviously going to change dramatically for me. His stories are almost the reason why I opened this account and my reason for reading books. #manto is an unconditional #troublemakermalgré lui or not, who cares! If your sensibilities are offended by these #shortstories I still recommend you to read Manto for the masterful creator of absorbing and rococo worlds that he is in less than a handful of pages. I know this wasn’t really the point here but I have to admit that I read this book as one continuous story. It’s a story of a city, the city of #bombay from Manto’s incisive and #sensory angle which intertwined these stories so effortlessly and deeply. You can guess by now that I adored this book and obviously #highlyrecommend it to everyone. #highlyrecommended#obscenewriter #punjabiliterature#urduliterature #pakistaniliterature#mumbai #vintage #vintageinternational#lowlifes #bigcitylife #leftout #destitute

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