Bottled goods by Sophie Van Llewyn

A915FA65-184A-4C86-BDDF-91522DC94F72Book set in Constanța, Romania. Reviewed on 2020/05:

Fiction has such an important role to play in keeping us all alert of our own addiction to #denial , #apathy and disconnections. You come to a book like #bottledgoods by #sophievanllewyn primarily because you are somehow interested in a story of #resistance set in the 1970s #communistromania. Once you begin to read, it’s impossible not to notice that #vanllewyn has another intention. She remarkably uses #magicalrealismto connect our eerie reality of inhumanity and injustice which we seem to replicate endlessly. How do we arrive to these tragic and inhumane moments in our history where #totalitarism and #dictatorship take over? It doesn’t happen all of a sudden. But once it happens, the way out is even longer because it reflects the accumulation of all those moments when we chose not to care or to ignore at the daily, one on one level. And that’s the level where Van Llewyn focuses on her novel, because that is the level that matters and where we can all make a difference. #recommended #fairlightmoderns#bucharest #romania #communist#romanian

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