Breast stories by Mahasweta Devi

IMG_7174Set in Murshidabad, India. Reviewed on 2018/12:

This was quite the discovery for me! #mahaswetadevi was a well-know #politicalactivist prolific in literature but also active in #indianpolitics particularly in #westbengal . Reading the #breaststories should not leave any doubts as to the importance #devi gave to actions and doing things in society. What fascinated me the most in her writing was the intricacies and links she creates in order to relate one #struggle within another one. Fighting for #womensrights in the fight against #socialclasses , fighting against #racism in the fight for literacy in all the languages of #india . All our fights for #socialjustice connected in one objective and strengthening each other. The book makes the case in a much simpler and direct way. I’d like to believe that Devi thrived in reaching out to those she cared for and claimed to represent instead of becoming herself another part of the elite. Besides her political message, these #shortstories are quite the testament when it comes to employ literature as a #politicalweapon directly and reveal our social aspirations in a language we can all understand. #recommended #seagullbooks #bengaliliterature #indianliterature #socialactivist #peoplesrights

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