Bright by Duanwad Pimwana

0CBB7221-52B3-45F9-B764-80D1114821B4Book set in Bangkok, Thailand. Reviewed on 2020/06:

#bright by #duanwadpimwana reminds me of the importance of following the #translator. I’ve come across other books also translated from #thai by #muipoopoksakul and all are great jewels of contemporary #thailiterature . #pimwana takes a story line which have been treated before a million times and gives it a “new” style. But what is really new here? What’s the new “element” in the story of #kampol ? After the multiple #vignettes of more or less the same story with a new angle/element, you start realizing that Pimwana has been playing us all along. She is forcing us to reckon with our own addictions to always follow or expect something new when the story is about the same failures we commit every single day since the very beginning. The seemingly new elements in her story show us how much nothing changes at the end. The allure of the new elements prevent us from seeing what has always been in front of us. #highlyrecommended #thailit#bangkok #twolinespress#workingclass #comingofage#abandoned #changsamran

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