Captains of the sands by Jorge Amado

29A45835-5DDC-4A86-BE66-9A9ADA17024FBook set in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Reviewed on 2019/11:

The next 4 mini-reviews in my #brazilianweek will take us to the Brazilian #northeast , the #sertao , the #backcountry . We begin our journey in #bahia with #captainofthesands by #jorgeamado . If you have never read #amado , please drop whatever you’re reading on the floor in a dramatic way and just to read him. Let me tell you are clearly missing out! Compared to his other stories, Captain of the Sands feels wondrous, an #adventure trip to a certain degree a story which you have probably heard or read before. The idea of #unruly kids and teenagers completely out of control roaming along the city has been a topic treated in literature since the beginning of times. Amado’s story made me think of Doblin’s Alexanderplatz and Haffner’s Blood Brothers both set in Berlin. Amado’s writing is simply outstanding and vivid. Its power resides in the fact that he’s not creating new worlds. Amado is describing as lucid as possible the lives he sees or saw in #salvador . He masterfully describes and develops a story with more than 15 fantastic characters each with different personalities and story-lines. The fact that he manages to propel the story forward so vividly with this amount of characters tells you right away that you are in the presence of a luminary. #highlyrecommended #brazilianliterature #sertão #capitaesdaareia #penguinrandomhouse #salvadordabahia #bahiannovel #capitãesdaareia #penguinclassics #cangaceiro

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