Carnival by Wilson Harris

IMG_1570Set in New Amsterdam, Guyana. Reviewed on 2018/06:

Chosen solely because it takes place in #guyana I’m not sure what I was expecting when I got this book. There is without a doubt a #carnival going on within these pages. However we experience a carnival of #symbols a carnival of #dreams a carnival of #metaphors . I personally think that the dreamlike and allegorical aspects make this a very rich and different experience. However it also weighs heavily on the ability of the reader not to loose sight of the “hidden” meanings in the story. Despite the shortness of the book, I believe it took me almost a week to read it all. The reason for that is that I kept going a few pages back to confirm what I was reading. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think that is the best way to approach #wilsonharris and the whimsical feeling omnipresent in this book. At the end I think the best way to read this story is to have #harris himself reading it out loud. Harris wrote an orally based novel to be read on the speakers while the carnival passed by and everyone danced along. #highlyrecommended #farberbooks#trilogy #newamsterdam #guyanese#guyaneseliterature

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