Chaff on the wind by Ebou Dibba

8BD63DC2-E873-402A-B690-0283C4138AD1Book set in Serekunda, Gambia. Reviewed on 2019/10:

If you are planning or in the process of doing a #readingtheworld challenge or just looking for a great #gambianliterature book, you have to read #chaffonthewind by #eboudibba. I’m sure you have read this story before: young kid begins his #comingofage experience by moving out of his parents’ old and tiny town to explore life in the big city. In my opinion, there are two great things #dibba does in this book. First, he places this universal story in #thegambia more specifically in #serekunda and the former #Bathurst with its #mandinka hinterlands and its coastal #wolof culture trapped in the world-wars of the 1930s and 1940s. This is all more in the background and center stage we read about two improbable friends: Dinding and Pateh. From the very first pages, it’s obvious that #Dibba wanted to use these two characters to represent two visions of dealing with moving to and making it in the big city. However in my opinion, Dibba excels at making these two characters less and less defined and sometimes you wonder who’s saying what and how is it possible. The two friends have come to doubt their sacrosanct visions and now influence each other to the point of almost “becoming” or thinking like the other. I just wished Dibba had explored that path to the fullest. Having said all this, this book is insightful, entertaining and very much #recommended . #banjul #serrekunda #mnovels #macmillan #gambian #fuba #britishcolonization

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