Chagall: Burning Lights by Bella Chagall

Book set in Vitebsk, Belarus. Reviewed on 2021/09:

 was the perfect book I could have picked for my #highholidaysreading during these days of awe. #bellachagall wrote these series of vignettes and her very famous husband #marcchagall added drawings to the book. The vignettes are about their own #jewish lives as well as those of their parents, families, communities back in the day in the #paleofsettlement . These stories are fragile, beautiful and powerful, timeless. Despite the hate, the Jewish hatred, the pogroms, these people are alive and they remain so. Our stories never die. The rise of antisemitism here in the United States and in most of Central and Eastern Europe where the book takes place feels scary, to say the least. And people’s silences and casual contributions to it either on social media or in person feels like a wake up call. But this book is a true reminder of the power we have to create light, beauty, hope despite the odds. The Jew haters, the antisemites can’t extinguish our burning lights because they can’t comprehend it. They can’t understand our choice and power to create light and beauty in the face of hate. All fans of #chagall need to read this book. #recommended#shanatova#russianjewry#vitebsk#schocken#gmarchatimátová#shanátová#anyadabuena#שנהטובה#שנהטובהומתוקה

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