Changes by Ama Ata Aidoo

613EEDDF-579F-497A-8C27-11A44626A9D8Book set in Accra, Ghana. Reviewed on 2019/10:

I’ve been wanting to read #amaataaidoo for a while and I’m so glad I finally did. #changes is the kind of book that you need to let it sit in for a while, let it marinate to perfection or at least close to it before realizing what you just read. At first, the story seems chaotic, one-sided or about one thing: #feminism or #polygamy or a #lovestory . There is obviously some of that. However the key to unlock this text resides in the title: Changes. Changes are inevitable, unpredictable and can make or force you reconsider everything. I honestly think that is what #esi is going through here. #aidoo masterfully explores changes both as events we have to deal with personally, but also the pressure of everyone else’s opinions (positive criticism or jealousy) on the changes you are going through. If you read this story through that angle, I think you can appreciate more the intricacies of her choices, the virulent criticism and also the seemingly abrupt twists. Anyway I’m so looking forward to reading more and more by Aidoo. I know this is just the beginning. #recommended #accra#ghanaianliterature #feministpress#onefafteranother #careerandfamily#everythingchanges #deceptivelytiny#playwright #notalovestory#readthebooknotthereviews #amaata#ghanaian

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