Children of the new world by Assia Djebar

CB27BB6C-9E67-458E-A178-0603C829C726Book set in Blida, Algeria. Reviewed on 2020/01:

I keep going back and forth with this book. If you have never heard or read #assiadjebar , you are missing out, my friend. #childrenofthenewworld is the #genesis of an entire #algerian generation, whether they want it or not. Young human beings thrown into the claws of #frenchcolonialism , #postcolonialism and identity formation. There are some moments in our countries’ histories when the overbearing and asphyxiating power systems just fall and obliterate everything in its demise, leaving a sense of “emptiness”. Those moments are also an opportunity to create something “new” for those who seize the moment, and dare to think differently. Those moments are also an opportunity for those dictator copycats, those who always dreamed of controlling everything just like the masters before. #djebar masterfully presents all these competing viewpoints at the individual levels where they actually make a difference. Personally I enjoyed seeing how Djebar used in this book her powerful writing skills which come to fruition in her later book #womenofalgiersintheirappartment . #highlyrecommended #feministpress #algiers #algerianliterature #lesenfantsdunouveaumonde #blida #académiefrançaise #بليدة #ⵍⴻⴱⵍⵉⴸⴰ #algerianwar #algérie

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