Chiquinho by Baltasar Lopes

49213FE3-5ACB-4E87-B434-BDEEAA9420C6Book set in Caleijao, Cape Verde. Reviewed on 2019/10:

Two ways of discovering #chiquinho by #baltasarlopes : one historical and the other about the style. Written in the 1930s and published in the 1940s, this is a book about a particular moment in the history of #capeverde called #claridade . The movement of Claridade sought to shine some light on #capeverdian identity and the survival lives of some many people in the #archipelago . It also had political undertones and strove to reinvindicate their own stories. This #taguspressedition does a good work at adding some annotated history to those of us not familiar with the islands’ history. All critically important! #baltazarlopeswrote stories which reflected and ultimately targeted Cape Verdians themselves and no one else. In my opinion, the most useful way to interact with such a text is to learn a bit of the history first and then read it. Once you do that, your mind opens up to the idea of #famine in small islands, #creole identity vis-a-vis other colonized areas or minorities, and the particularly vicious program of acculturation implemented by #portuguese colonization. #recommended #mindelo#capeverdeliterature#capeverdianliterature #boston#lisbon #SãoNicolau #lopes#adamastorseries

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