City of arches by Vivian Child

IMG_1652Set in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Reviewed on 2018/06:

If you’re interested in #stvincentandthegrenadines do read this book. If you’re travelling to #kingstown do read this book specially if you’re also interested in #architecture . #travelwritingmeets #journalistic eye is mostly what you will find in these pages. #cityofarches is a compilation of article essays written in the 1980s and published in various newspapers throughout the islands. It presents a very knowledgeable and researched perspective on an #archipelago and city fought by so many European powers. At the end it’s also a compilation of one person’s opinion and that is #vivianchild the writer and long time resident. As I mentioned at the beginning if you’re not really interested in the country or architecture, I’d skip this one. #child has one goal and one goal only and that is to show you her island from her perspective, one focused solely on its #arches and buildings. I’m glad I read it though. I hate discarding books and writers in general. I think there’s always something to be learned. However I’m still in the lookout for more and more books set anywhere in #saintvincentandthegrenadines . Send them my way! #british #historical#newspaperarticles #memoir #nonfiction#firstbuildings #colonialarchitecture#stvincent #caribbeancity

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