Collision by Merle Kroger

IMG_6526Set in Cartagena, Spain. Reviewed on 2018/03:

When I first decided to read books taken place in the #mediterranean area #collision was definitely one of the first ones on my list to read. Geographically speaking, most of the action takes place between #cartagena in the #murcia coast of #spain and #adriftThat’s a good word to keep: adrift. Regardless of the characters’ #pointofdeparture they all seem to be floating almost aimlessly whether they want it or not. Overall it was a great premise. However there is a gap between intent and execution. A few weak links here: most of the characters felt very much alike. Despite the clear different chapters, there was one #voice or viewpoint dominating what should had arguably been distinct profiles. Having said that, I would have preferred more of a story line uniting the #profiles As I said before, there is something very similar among the characters, but it’s not a plot or events or the circumstances. Overall it’s still a #recommended read and a pressing one considering the ever increasing abyss between both sides of the sea. #merlekröger #unnamedbooks#thespiritofeurope #refugees #immigrants#tourists #connected #oran #escombreras#havarie

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