Confession of the lioness by Mia Couto

IMG_1146Set in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. Reviewed on 2018/05:

“There was no love, no man, no soul. What happened was that with the passing of time, I lost all hope. And when someone stops having hopes, it’s because they’ve stopped living. So that’s why I’m running away: I fear being devoured. Not by the anxiety that dwells deep within me. Devoured by the emptiness of not loving. Devoured by the desire to be loved.” And #devoured you are once you read #confessionofthelioness . What remains to be elucidated is who is doing the #devouring and to whom. #couto feels as if #lispector and #pessoahad a baby and he was left abandoned in the #mozambican wilderness. He survives but only thanks to the help of his new friends: death, #imaginary animals and his own restlessness. This book is whimsical, spellbinding and riveting. #miacouto is a genius #storyteller obsessed with the rich complexities of a simple story which can transport you to the land of a million questions succeeding even more and more #questioning . This one comes #highlyrecommended and a big contender for my #top5 . #mozambicanliterature#cabodelgado #mozambique #kulumani#aconfissaodaleoa #fsg #magicalrealism

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