Confessions of the fox by Jordy Rosenberg

0BF08AAA-1B70-45E4-9A54-408EE619FFE4.JPGBook set in London, United Kingdom. Reviewed on 2019/05:

I so wanted to like this book. It has such an interesting #historicalfiction and #gendernonconforming premise. As a librarian myself who has made a career of my unhealthy love of #footnotes , I was enamored right away with the promise of the style. However the result is simply a #hotmess . #rosenberg abuses the use of footnotes, abuses the two supposedly interrelated stories and at the end it just doesn’t come together at all. #confessionsofthefox feels unnecessarily complicated to read and the footnotes which are by definition there to help ease the reader into the plot, they end up confusing you even more. I felt most of the time exhausted like in a bad movie you have to watch just because it’s your significant other’s birthday or you have to read it for a class. It’s such a shame because #jordyrosenberg is quite the storyteller. There are some descriptions and dialogues between Jack and Bess which are powerfully beautiful and really transport you to the action in #london and to the deep #lovestory going on here. However that enthusiasm lasts for about a few paragraphs. I have no idea why he decided to complicate an already complex #historical story with a weak modern story and top it all with an obscene amount of super long footnotes. It gave me flashbacks of me at the synagogue trying to follow where we were supposed to be reading and completely lost in the commentaries of the commentaries of the commentaries all compacted into one page. I do hope other people felt differently and this book somehow resonated with them. I wish I could read a Rosenberg liberated from the stories and the format: an unrestrained writer. #genderqueerlit#debutnovel #lostmanuscript#oneworld #oneworldbooks#JackSheppard #maybenexttime#translit #transwriter#historicalqueerlit

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