Convenience store woman by Sayaka Murata

73C7C79E-A3CF-4349-88D8-F2B61D05266CBook set in Tokyo, Japan. Reviewed on 2019/04:

An anti-system that fights against an already-established system ends up becoming just another system. And in between some many systems and ideologies fighting for supremacy and power and your attention, one more sanctimonious than the other, what is there to do? How about getting a job, a place to live and just let the days go by? Maybe get a cat at some point? #keikofurukura learns from an earlier age that people’s obsessions with meaning do not ignore her or ask her opinion whatsoever. They are only interested in advancing their own agendas, opinions which become such an obsession for them that it has to be projected on other people’s lives including Furukura’s. I think #sayakamurata needs to be praised for portraying people’s vicious goals and agendas not only from the usual family members and overambitious albeit empty friends. #murataingeniously enough also shuns light on the so-called anti-system people, those claiming to want to be outside everything and create.. yet another system, once that gives them power this time around. Murata reminds me of #primolevi and his short stories from #thesixthday and #atranquilstar . Nobody asks anything. Everyone has all the answers. We don’t know how to face the meaninglessness of our own existences. However #conveniencestorewoman needs, in my opinion, some time to develop into the masterful story is called out to be. This story will begin to shine bright and timelessly perhaps 10-15 years from now. The immensely famous and award-winning Murata is now on my radar and I can’t wait for more of her books to be translated. I don’t understand how someone wins the #mishimayukioprize four times and doesn’t get translated into English right away. @groveatlantic I’m counting on you! #highlyrecommended #tokyo #村田沙耶香 #コンビニ人間#Konbininingen #groveatlantic#groveatlanticpress #akutagawaprize#芥川龍之介賞 #japaneseliterature#24hours #beingalone

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