Crime in Ramallah by Abbad Yahya

F6FB3CCF-FECB-4085-9050-9576A886A020Book set in Ramallah, Palestine. Reviewed on 2019/08:

I’m not going to lie. The more they #censor a book, the more I’m going to want to read it. I suspect the same rings true for a lot of other people. As a #librarian myself, censoring simply goes against everything I believe in with every fiber in my being. With that in mind when I heard that the #palestinianauthorities had banned #crimeinramallahby #abbadyahya because of it threatened “morality and public decency”’ I knew I had to read it. However what I found online and translated in English is just this tiny #excerpt from the great people at #wordswithoutborders . Although a great passage itself about the seemingly controversial #comingofage travails of the #homosexual character, #nour , I’m sure I’m missing a whole LOT of this great story. What are @akashicbooks , @interlinkbooks , @utexaspress , @otherpress , @unnamedpress or @commapress and some many other publishers waiting for to get him an excellent translator and have this story published and read and shared with everyone… When it comes to censoring dissent, different and controversial ideas, books depicting long-ignored or hidden realities, somehow our governments and so-called leaders are willing to find common ground with each other very quickly. We the readers should not forget the role we can play to demand that these writers are heard, their books published and that ultimately we have a chance to read them. #stillwaiting#yahya #bannedbooks#palestinianliterature #censorship#indexoncensorship #jarimahfiramallah#freethestories #عباد_يحيى #رام_الله

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