Cup of gold by John Steinbeck

680AE0E1-F7B3-4DCE-BB9B-9C60B866FDCFBook set in Panama City, Panama. Reviewed on 2020/02:

Despite what IG might make you believe, I’m not a machine. So my moods and other external circumstances influence my reading and what I take from the stories. All this to say, that I began reading #cupofgold by #johnsteinbeck just when I was about to get sick, and that didn’t help. This book is primarily a story about #pirates with some #romanticovertones. At the end, being healthy was not going to help me either. It is not my type of story at all. At the beginning, it’s obscure and populated by a horde of characters which seem to be just aspects of one person. Once #steinbeck gives the story more action and adventure, the pirate-like features we are all familiar with take over, and it does become amusing to some degree. Perhaps if you have any knowledge of #henrymorgan or you are a die-hard fan of Steinbeck, you would appreciate this story. It is Steinbeck’s #firstnovel . Personally it’s not a story I will be remembering for a long time. #historicalfiction#piratecaptain #privateer #panama#penguinclassics #santaroja #redsaint#penguinbooks #piratenovel#notforme #readitwhilesick#againstmywill

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