Dark heart of the night by Léonora Miano

84563226-3CCB-442E-9A12-93EFF4146F89Book set in Sombé, Central African Republic. Reviewed on 2020/01: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6-4QbkAY9q/

Another strong contestant to my #bestbookofthemonth ! I’m not going to sugarcoat it here. This book is visceral, brutal, raw and real every step of the way. As a reader, you should be prepared to face gory situations and uncomfortable dialogues. Through the #women in #sombé #centralafrica , #léonoramiano forces the readers to reckon with resilience and survival. Wishful and hopeful thinking seem like privileged items from a faraway land and they might come later, if ever. However in #darkheartofthenight, there is an urgency to say things as they are without any room for tender or kind treatment. #miano wants us to see how deep the well of tragedy, failure and pain goes, to look right straight in the eyes of those living it every day and surviving. What do you do with that information is up to you? #leonoramiano is not interested in that. Instead she wants to stare directly at our violent and bloodthirsty inclinations and take them for what they are. I personally had to take breaks while reading this book. It felt like a slap in the face, and it challenged me in so many different ways. #highlyrecommended#universityofnebraskapress#frenchvoices #eku #sombe#Cameroonianliterature#centralafricanrepublic#linterieurdelanuit #lintérieurdelanuit#prixLouisGuilloux #prixrenéfallet

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