Dawn raid by Pauline Smith

E51DDCD4-1FBD-4ADC-AC22-FD2A622D554BBook set in Porirua, New Zealand. Reviewed on 2019/03: https://www.instagram.com/p/Buz0amHHzzN/

The #dawnraids were the terrifying reality for #immigrant families in #newzealand in the 1970s and even 80s. The NZ police would come in the middle of the night unannounced and raid a house with the excuse of looking for visa #overstayers . However it was clear from the very beginning that the derogatory and abusive policy was a #racist scheme against #pacificislanderseven #maoris and basically anyone non-white in the country. It’s definitely a dark chapter in the country’s history which reverberates to this day. So how do you explain such a tragic story to teenagers, to the future of the country? How to help them understand their history so they can stand tall? #paulinesmithmight have the answer here. The main audience for this book is teenagers in New Zealand and even across the world. It’s definitely a fast read made even more engaging with #diaryentries and a #comingofage story. I’m happy I read and glad to learn about the dawn raids and the #polynesianpanthers despite the age-specific audience of this book. #porirua#paulinevaeluagasmith #auckland#samoanfamily #dawnraid #standup#fightforyourrights #newzealandliterature#immigrants

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