Dear Hong Kong by Xu Xi

Book set in Hong Kong. Reviewed on 2020/10:

This is my 6th book set in #hongkong since the start of this IG account in 2017. #dearhongkong by #xuxi is obviously about the author’s #autobiographical account and #lovehate relationship with the city. However, the more you read these #vignettes , the more you realize that there is something deeper going on here. Xu Xi explores issues of #belonging , building an #identity around memories specifically of places which change rapidly and completely different from what we would have wanted or even if we ever wanted any change to begin with. There is a lot of #nostalgia , #sarcasm and #wit in these pages and at times you laugh and others you might feel like you want to give the author a big hug. I think a lot of people might come to this book expecting a uniquely Hong Kong experience. However, personally I thought the book shone the most when speaking about experiences which we can all identify with: belonging to a place, seeing it change and seeing ourselves change in relationship to that place, and then wondering out loud: should I stay or should I go. #recommended #anelegytoacity #dearhongkonganelegytoacity #penguinbooks #penguinspecials #memoir #homecity #leavingthecity #shouldIstayorshouldIgo

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