Death of the snake catcher by AK Welsapar

IMG_5654Set in Turkmenistan. Reviewed on 2018/10:

Old fashioned librarian me would have chosen a different book cover. Regardless the #shortstories included in this collection are each worthy of our attention and dare I say even worthy of their own individual books. #akwelsaparoutstandingly shows his masterful storytelling skills which can’t help you but to offer an insightful and penetrating glance at today’s #turkmen society and #turkmenistan in particular. The fact that this book was published is thanks to #glagoslav and the amazing #annmorganwith her Read the World blog. We as readers have an incredible power when we decide not to leave one single rock unturned and give a platform to some many parts of the world which do not make it to any news headline or political platform. Like myself, a lot of people will arrive at this book because of the lack of any other #turkmenliterature translated into English. Hopefully like me, a lot of people will come to realize the power exposed through #welsapar and how much he has managed to use his #exile to truly see and re-surface stories of innumerable voiceless people in Turkmenistan. #highlyrecommended #ashgabat#turkmenia #merv #aşgabat #dictatorship#censorship #ашхабад #totalitarianism#deathofthesnakecatcher

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